What Are Ultrasonic Repeller and When to Use Them?

When someone wants to keep animals away from their home, garden or backyard, they often turn to ultrasonic repeller.

How do Ultrasonic Repeller Work?

There are noises that are too high a pitch for human ears, but can easily be heard by animals with which hearing faint noises can be the difference between life and death. These noises are referred to as "ultrasonic" and are traditionally thought of as any noise over 20 kHz. The decibel level of ultrasonic devices varies by manufacturer, but it is traditionally around 100 kHz.

When an ultrasonic repeller is designed for a specific animal, the decibels are traditionally set at a level that is thought to be the most irritating to the animal. When the device is meant to repel all animals, the decibel level is likely to be slightly lower so that it can be heard by every creature's ears.

Much like high pitched noise can be irritating to humans, so too is ultrasonic noise irritating to animals. Most ultrasonic devices use motion detectors to scan for animal activity. Once they sense movement, they sound their imperceptible alarm and animals flee the noise.
What Types of Animals Do Ultrasonic Repellents Keep Away?

Almost all animals can hear noises that most humans cannot hear. Thus ultrasonic repellents can be used to keep away almost any type of animal that may live near your home. This includes:

o Bats 
o Cats 
o Dogs 
o Deer 
o Rabbits 
o Pigeons 
o Raccoons

The best part about these repellents is that they do not harm the animals, so they can be safely used for any animal that you want to keep away from your property. These ultrasonic devices are the most common type of non-liquid animal repellent, and are one of the only long lasting ways to deter animals as many of the other methods available are unable to withstand time and weather.

2 Types of Ultrasonic Repellents

There are two unique types of such repellents (as well as a number of different subtypes). There are ultrasonic devices made for:

o Animals 
o Bugs

Many of the insect repellents work by sending the ultrasonic noise into walls and other areas that bugs like to live. The animal repellents, however, often are larger and placed outside your home in order to keep the animals away.

There are similar animal ultrasonic repellents that are used indoors, such as those that you place in your attic to keep bats away. But all of them generally work in a similar manner, keeping animals at a predefined distance away from your home.


Animal repeller or also called animal repellent is specially designed as the safety product which can be used against the harmful animals like aggressive dogs and bears but now, people are using animal repeller for protecting their plants. There’s so much examples of animal repeller can be found at the mall and also being sell on the net. General people can also have it with them during the morning or evening walk or even when they go to the market. Mace or pepper sprays are the most popular repellers used by the people. It can affect the breathing tissues of the animal and also make is blind for shorter period of time. When it happens you can get the time to get away from that site.

We hear now and then about many cases in which people get injured by the lose dogs. To keep yourself safe from such kind of situations you have to use the animal repellers. These are usually used by the mailmen because they have such kind of job that they have to go door to door and usually they roam around the streets. Mailmen have to visit lots of houses on daily basis and mostly people like to have the dog guards and because the mailmen are strangers to them so they can bite them. Ultrasonic dog chaser is a very effective repeller. It is like an electronic device which can emit the sound of 135 decibels which is really intolerable by the dogs but it do not affect the human ears. With the pressing of the devise button, the dog is directly targeted. It can produce the high pitch teasing sound which frightens the dog and you can easily get a time to run away.

On the hilly or snowy areas the danger of the big bears also create fear because it can injure a person very badly that can lead to death. Repellers can be used against these bears as well. Mostly the bear repellent pepper spray is used by the people. You should know the tactic of using this because it will be effective if you will use it at the distance of 15-20 feet from the bear.